Ciara Aspinall

Kind Words

I am so lucky to have worked with some incredible companies and individuals over the years. Here are some kind words from them…

Working with Ciara has been absolutely transformational for my career, personal life and the way in which I operate in the world. I met Ciara at a time of reaching a personal crossroads, feeling unsure about my next steps in life or direction I would like to go. Before the sessions began, I went in expecting career advice, however, I got so much more from our time working together and I have reshaped my understanding of myself and the way in which I relate to the world both professionally and personally.

Through authentic heartfelt intrigue and endless curiosity Ciara has learned and understood me as a person. This has helped me make the best move forward with my personal development and my search for a fulfilling career. Without her guidance and mentoring I would not have had the drive to find my way into training to transfer into a completely new field.

Ciara is truly excellent at what she does, she has an infectious passion for the people she works with and that has ignited a motivation within me to go out and achieve more for myself. She has the accumulated wisdom and insight to mentor and guide an exploration of all possible avenues and options. Her consistent pursuit of learning, outstanding organisation and warmth are all inspirational. She is generous with her time and always gives her undivided attention.

I am changed by the insights Ciara gave me for which I will be forever grateful.

Thanks for the trainings and the certificate, I have enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot in the past 3 months.

At first glance the Applied Emotional Intelligence Programme seemed like just another training session…was I ever surprised! This program is a must do for employees at all levels. I found myself looking forward to the sessions and although I consider myself shy, it was so easy to interact and I almost felt like I was missing out if I didn’t. This programme is incredibly interesting and the knowledge I gained is phenomenally beneficial. Ciara is extremely knowledgeable and a very engaging presenter. I cannot rave enough about this Programme.

Ciara, thank you for your time. The program was and will be very useful in my daily life.

Ciara, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time. The Emotional Intelligence training course was a wonderful learning tool and I value and respect your knowledge and information. I really enjoyed this course and I can tell you were extremely passionate with sharing knowledge and additional supporting material after each module. Within the last few weeks I can see a difference in my personal and professional relationships as I’ve applied various techniques that I have learned throughout this course. I definitely will recommend this course to others.

Continue shining and sharing, this is extremely beneficial.

I thoroughly enjoyed your Emotional Intelligence course. You taught me so many tips and tricks, which I apply on a daily basis. Your enthusiasm and subject matter expertise made the course the highlight of my week. Thank you, Ciara!

I could not have asked for a kinder, more experienced mentor than I have found with Ciara.
Her attention to even the smallest details is second to none.

My business has increased in productivity but 200% in the last year thanks to her training and guidance.

Thanks for all your help.

“I first met Ciara as a mum on the school run, but I could quickly tell that she was a passionate professional with an abundance of energy.  We got chatting about our careers and I realised we shared some of the same interests and desire to become the best that we could be.  I felt my personal development had become stagnant and was looking for an injection of a different perspective, and so I approached Ciara to ask if she would mentor me.  I didn’t actually know that this was a service that she offered at the time, but was thrilled when she said she would be happy to work with me.

From day 1, Ciara gave me the confidence to trust her which enabled me to have honest and constructive conversations, and get the most out of my mentoring programme.  Ciara’s experience of working in the Cayman Islands and running a very successful business, and her unwavering passion for people development meant that she was the perfect choice as a mentor and had vast leadership experience that she could share with me.

Our sessions were structured, but entirely flexible and we covered so many topics as the conversation flowed so naturally.  Ciara always followed up after the session and checked in with me to see how I was doing.  She made me feel genuinely interested in me and my personal development, and gave me the confidence to have conversations or try things that I had not tried before.

I always looked forward to my time with Ciara and would come away feeling more energised and motivated than when I went in.  I know Ciara strives to have a positive impact in all of her interactions with people, and she certainly achieved this with me.

Ciara is a passionate, energetic confidant and I am so pleased that I have had the opportunity to work with her.

When choosing a mentor, it’s so important that you find someone who shares the same beliefs and values and whom you can respect and trust.  I would recommend Ciara and Pinpointing Potential to anyone I meet, but be prepared to be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone……and for your waistline to be challenged to – Ciara loves coffee and cake!  I hope to have many more coffee and cake dates with my new found friend ????”

“I have to say that I absolutely love Pinpointing Potential. I recently completed a Clarity 4D course through them and I would highly recommend it to all team leaders or indeed to those individuals striving for personal development. Seeing yourself and your personality traits as colours and elements is intriguing. It is a thoroughly insightful and enjoyable journey to embark upon which identifies defined characteristics and offers clear direction to harness your strengths and build upon areas of development.

This is such a valuable tool for leaders enabling them to understand individual profiles and then use this information to improve communication, boost motivation and build resilience and positivity among the team through both group and personal development, ultimately enhancing productivity. An absolute must for any successful business but even more so in this current highly challenging climate.”

“As someone who has worked in a very people driven industry for a long time, I thought I was reasonably clued up on emotional intelligence. It turns out there is so much more to learn! Through virtually attending the Leading with Emotional Intelligence course, I have had the opportunity for self-reflection, group interaction, and a much deeper understanding of the impact of emotional humility both in the workplace and in my personal life. I genuinely cannot recommend this course highly enough for anyone looking to take their leadership skills to the next level.”

“As a recent participant in the six-part LWEI course offered by Pinpointing Potential, I would highly recommend it. It has helped me become a more confident leader by better understanding myself and those around me. The course has provided me with the skills to communicate more authentically, influence others and manage conflict constructively”.

“Sometimes I feel with Pinpointing Potential that I am their only client when I know that I am not! Their responsiveness and customer care is second to none, I feel like from day one, they just “got us". They understood what we were hoping to achieve with our leadership team and delivered so much more. The depth of their knowledge is exceptional but what really makes them stand out is their ability to engage and captivate every single person in any group training environment. I cannot recommend Pinpointing Potential highly enough to any company looking to develop their new or experienced leaders”.

“We are almost finished the Leading With Emotional Intelligence Programme and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone looking to enhance their emotional intelligence within their leadership capacities and their personal lives. The content is extensive, interesting and relevant and Ciara is passionate, energetic and knowledgeable. She delivers every single module with boundless energy and enthusiasm and I leave every time motivated, inspired and wanting to learn more”.

“I am so sad that the course has finished but excited to go over the material again and spend a bit more time revisiting the extensive amount of information that we covered.

This course has been brilliant on many levels and truly inspiring in such a way that I feel I can make a difference in the future both at work and in my personal life by implementing and paying attention to certain things which we’ve learnt.

Such a refreshing approach to presentation with every minute counting, being hugely interesting and the interaction and collaboration amongst everyone helping to create a wonderful positive vibe.

I know you will go from strength to strength as you know your stuff inside out, have such a passion for it and happily share all your knowledge and experience which is ace.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I will miss our fortnightly sessions but look forward to putting various things I have learnt into practice and owning it!”

“As someone who comes from a legal background, with very little exposure to Emotional Intelligence training, this course was invaluable. It explains why this is important, how wrong you can go without this understanding and how you can incorporate the greater awareness provided into your role as a leader. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in a leadership role”

Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner
Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner
Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner