Ciara Aspinall

Bespoke Leadership Development Programmes

Helping you to create environments that support your people to do extraordinary things. Using the information gained from various tools, we design and deliver customised programmes tailored to improve and maximise effectiveness within your organisation.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, where all companies are motivated to attract the very best talent and in a world that is driven by a highly mobile and highly motivated workforce, combined with the continuous advancements in technology, the cost of employees who are unengaged or actively disengaged is significant. The costs of lost productivity are substantial and the true cost of replacing employees, particularly high performers, is prohibitive.

Companies need to go above and beyond to find out what their employees want and deliver on it.

We work with business leaders at the strategic thinking and planning level to understand the business’s people objectives and then design customised development strategies to achieve the organisational goals. We link commercial and cultural performance, ensuring that the culture is strategically aligned to the business as a whole. Pinpointing Potential specialises in business improvement through organisational culture change and provides consulting, training and coaching solutions to achieve this.

Many different factors underpin organisational success. You have to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right product or service for the right price and with the right people. But even with all of these factors in place, a great workplace culture truly matters. Creating a high-performance culture with a highly engaged and motivated workforce, combined with high staff retention rates are critical to any company’s success.

We help people understand themselves better as individuals and leaders. Our bespoke leadership development and team effectiveness programmes are tailored to specific client needs and objectives. Some of our more recent projects include “Inspired to Lead" a leadership development programme for emerging leaders; developing leadership skills to enhance motivation, commitment and engagement of teams; understanding employee engagement levels to enhance communication, engagement and collaboration; understand leadership styles and personality types to communicate vision and inspire performance; team building to enhance the development of a positive culture and elevate the team to high performing level; delegation and empowerment; managing performance.

Leadership development is a journey that begins with increasing self awareness. We offer Coaching as a powerful approach to help leaders and managers realise what is important to them, their motivators and communication styles. They’re encouraged to set and take accountability for achievable goals which are aligned to those of their organisations, and supported to work towards positive change and long term success for all.

When organisations create environments that support ordinary people to do extraordinary things, amazing things happen!


Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner
Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner
Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner