Ciara Aspinall - leader of the emotional intelligence training program.

Applied Emotional Intelligence Program

Based on emotional intelligence and social neuroscience, Applied Emotional Intelligence is a powerful, interactive learning program that boosts essential emotional intelligence skills for 2024 and beyond.


A virtual instructor-led learning program that helps boost essential emotional intelligence competencies for 2024 and beyond. The program has been designed to help you enhance how well you demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviour and, in doing so, improve how you Connect, Communicate and Collaborate with others.


  • Six x 90-minute virtual instructor-led learning modules
  • Professionally facilitated modules that include breakout room activities, group discussion, polls and chat
  • A digital workbook to support note-taking, capturing insights and development planning

Optional: Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments can be provided during the program and are used to turn feedback into actionable development steps. Available digitally or can be provided via a one-on-one coaching debrief

Module 1, Emotionally intelligent leadership, within our emotional intelligence training program.


  • Explore the social neuroscience of emotions
  • Determine the link between emotions, decision making, behaviour and performance
  • Enhance awareness of the way you feel. Identify your triggers of emotions and how best to respond to them
  • Identify how to get the most out of your Emotional Intelligence feedback to better understand your impact on others
Module 2, The Aware Leader, of the emotional intelligence training program.


  • Enhance your understanding, awareness and empathy for others
  • Better anticipate the reactions and responses of others
  • Identify how to flex the way you interact with others to have the impact you want
Module 3, The Authentic Leader, of the emotional intelligence training program.


  • Improve how you express your thoughts, feelings and opinions
  • Enhance your capacity to facilitate challenging conversations
  • Identify how you couple improve authenticity and trust in your relationships
Module 4, The expansive leader, of our emotional intelligence training program.


  • Explore what emotional reasoning is and why it’s important
  • Determine how to surface emotional information when reasoning
  • Draw on purpose and values to help guide your reasoning and decision-making
  • Explore tools and techniques for generating new knowledge and ways of approaching novel problems
Module 5, The resilient leader, of our emotional intelligence training program.


  • Identify unhealthy habits that impact on your resilience and well-being
  • Explore different Thinking, Physical, Relationship and Environmental well-being and mental fitness strategies
  • Establish new ways of improving your well-being and mental fitness
  • Improve the way you manage stress, bounce-back and generally feel day-to-day
Module 6, The empowering leader, of our emotional intelligence training program.


  • Explore practical tools and techniques for helping others through challenging situations
  • Identify ways in which you can be a more positive influence on those you come into contact with day-to-day
  • Determine different things you can do to improve your close relationships
  • Enhancing in this area will also improve your own general mood and well-being


“Thanks for the trainings and the certificate, I have enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot in the past 3 months."

“ At first glance the Applied Emotional Intelligence Programme seemed like just another training session…was I ever surprised! This program is a must do for employees at all levels. I found myself looking forward to the sessions and although I consider myself shy, it was so easy to interact and I almost felt like I was missing out if I didn’t. This programme is incredibly interesting and the knowledge I gained is phenomenally beneficial. Ciara is extremely knowledgeable and a very engaging presenter. I cannot rave enough about this Programme. ”

“Ciara, thank you for your time. The program was and will be very useful in my daily life."

“Ciara, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time. The Emotional Intelligence course was a wonderful learning tool and I value and respect your knowledge and information. I really enjoyed this course and I can tell you were extremely passionate with sharing knowledge and additional supporting material after each module. Within the last few weeks I can see a difference in my personal and professional relationships as I’ve applied various techniques that I have learned throughout this course. I definitely will recommend this course to others.
Continue shining and sharing, this is extremely beneficial.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your Emotional Intelligence course.  You taught me so many tips and tricks, which I apply on a daily basis.  Your enthusiasm and subject matter expertise made the course the highlight of my week.  Thank you, Ciara!”

Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner
Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner
Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner