Ciara Aspinall

Unlock Your Potential Through Coaching

Experience the transformative power of Coaching – a dynamic, non-judgemental process that propels individuals to excel both personally and professionally.

Individual Benefits

Achieve Your Goals: gain the confidence to set and reach personal and professional goals that align seamlessly with your organization’s mission.
Enhanced Communication: learn effective questioning and development techniques that improve communication and foster better relations with colleagues

Organisational Benefits

Reduced Turnover: Coaching leads to reduced turnover rates, creating a more stable and motivated workforce.

Improved Engagement: boost employee engagement and performance, injecting purpose into the workplace.

Strategic Planning: use coaching as a strategic succession planning tool, cultivating future leaders.

Module 3, The Authentic Leader, of the emotional intelligence training program.


As a qualified Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practioner, Julie’s approach brings clarity and builds confidence for her coaching clients. She empowers individuals who want to make lasting change to fulfill life, work and career goals for long term, defined success.

Julie’s professional career background provides her with a heightened understanding of the issues presented and the ability to help address them as they arise.

Using a range of Coaching and NLP techniques, exercises and effective questioning, Julie focusses on raising awareness of self, others and situations. Focussing on an individual’s strengths, Julie gains commitment to action and respectfully challenges to help overcome obstacles for ongoing progress and success.

Module 3, The Authentic Leader, of the emotional intelligence training program.


Using a blend of career development coaching and mentoring, Julie helps to facilitate and encourage an individual’s ownership of their professional development.

Supporting leaders to achieve a greater understanding of themselves as well as their team members promotes improved communication and increased emotional intelligence for high performing, diverse teams.

Effective questioning and challenging provides new perspectives to difficult work scenarios and generates quick solutions.

Leaders set and achieve personal and professional goals for faster rewards and business success in times of change.

Module 2, The Aware Leader, of the emotional intelligence training program.


NLP is the systemic study of human communication. It is concerned with the mind and how we think, how we use language and how it affects us, and how we take action to achieve our goals.

NLP is a mindset based on curiosity and exploration. It uses practical tools and methods generated by modelling exceptional individuals and which are used globally today in business, sales, training, sports, law and education.

  • Enhance your understanding, awareness and empathy for others
  • Better anticipate the reactions and responses of others
  • Identify how to flex the way you interact with others to have the impact you want
Ciara Aspinall


I am grateful for the opportunity to guide and support remarkable individuals on their leadership journeys. Here are some kind words from those I’ve had the privilege to coach…

Working with Julie has been pivotal to my yearly mission of facing my fears and looking after myself. Within our sessions, she has really opened my eyes to where I have been holding myself back, or not bringing my ‘best self’. She really listens and has helped me to 1) achieve a more balanced lifestyle, 2) set firm boundaries for myself, 3) ensure that I am not sacrificing myself for others, which I have done for so many years and 4) actually celebrate and recognise what I am good at.

Our sessions are always very professional and I know that I am going to leave them with a clear idea of what I need to do next, exactly when I need to do things and I feel prepared to tackle them head on. I would even say that I actually leave quite excited about my ‘To do’s’.

Small business owner, Surrey

The coaching sessions with Julie have really helped me to identify that work/career is an area that needs the most focus at the moment to be able to balance these priorities.

The DISC profiling was very interesting and highlighted features of my personality type to help me to understand and improve my interactions with others.
It’s also been really helpful to learn about different ways to approach concerns and dissect them into more manageable tasks, while keeping in mind the end goals.
Overall Julie’s coaching has allowed me to identify key goals and strategies for working towards these, and it has been great working with her.

NHS Scientist, Edinburgh

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