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Welcome to Pinpointing Potential

Specialists in business improvement through people.
Through our emotional intelligence training, consulting, and coaching solutions, we strive to create more emotionally intelligent workplaces. We help employees to perform at their highest levels, improve workplace culture, increase employee motivation and retention, promote effective workplace behaviours and enhance workplace communications.

Experience that spans throughout the professional services industry, working with some of the top international financial services and law firms; into the hospitality industry; SMEs; not for profit and charitable organisations.


We work with business leaders at the strategic thinking and planning level to understand the business’s people objectives and then design customised development strategies to achieve the organisational goals, ensuring that the culture is strategically aligned to the business as a whole.

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, where all companies are striving to attract and retain the very best talent, and in a world that is driven by a highly mobile and motivated workforce, combined with continuous advancements in technology, the cost of employees who are unengaged or actively disengaged is significant.

We understand that the costs of lost productivity are substantial and the true cost of replacing employees, particularly high performers, is exorbitant. Therefore, we work with you to find solutions to minimize these costs and increase revenue.



  • We uphold the highest levels of integrity in everything that we do


  • We are open, honest, genuine and transparent. We are who we say we are, and we do what we say we are going to do! 


  • We are passionate about what we do, delivering exceptional service levels and premium value to our clients


  • Our energetic, determined and fun approach to our business and our clients is contagious!


  • We are committed to making a difference in the communities that we live and work

“Hello and welcome! I founded Pinpointing Potential with a simple vision to help businesses thrive by inspiring and developing talent and to drive business results with impact and purpose….”

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Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner
Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner
Clarity 4D Accredited Business Partner