Balance- The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

As we approach the close of 2023, it’s an excellent opportunity leaders to reflect on their professional journey and take learnings from the experiences of the last year. It’s often a time to celebrate the achievements and successes which all of the hard work has brought to yourself, your team and your business.  

On returning to the UK after a decade living and working in Sydney, it was striking to notice the vast difference in our end-of-year experiences. For our friends on the sunny shores of Australia, December heralds a long hot summer break and the luxury of weeks of time to spend celebrating, socialising AND relaxing…nice!  

Here, we often labour away right up until the last working hours and then travel up and down the country in wintry weather to spend time with loved ones. We may also spend time and energy helping others in our communities. 

It’s a lot. And yet leaders, know that balance is critical for personal health as well as higher productivity levels and creativity in the workplace.  

Wellbeing refers to our overall state which encompasses physical health, mental and emotional stability, a sense of purpose and fulfilment, and positive social connections.  

As a leader, it all starts with individual well-being and being a good self-care role model for those you work with. Through modelling balanced behaviour, leaders create a positive workplace culture which contributes to increased employee satisfaction, retention and to overall organisational success. 

Planning over the festive period for your wellbeing will ensure a good start to building sustainable energy levels for the new year.

Some questions to consider:- 

How can you prioritize the well-being of your team members? What initiatives can you get behind to support their mental and physical health and create a workplace that values and prioritizes the holistic wellness of its employees? 

Some helpful tips 

A New Year’s Resolution: 

 “I will prioritize my well-being by establishing clear boundaries between work and personal life, ensuring a healthier work-life balance for sustained success.” 

So what will you do first? 

We hope you enjoy the benefits that some self-care will bring to you and those around you this holiday! 

We offer individual Coaching to support you in gaining balance, setting boundaries and overcoming overwhelm and challenges for the achievement of your personal and professional goals. To learn more, please click here