5 ways emotional intelligence training will impact your business

When you’re in need of a training provider for your business, it can seem like an endless marketplace full of different experts with different strategies.

With so many options that address the theory and mechanics of leadership, strategy, communication and planning – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Whilst these are all important factors in a training program, nothing will deliver the impact you’re looking for quite like emotional intelligence training.

Complementing conventional leadership development with emotional intelligence skills, this training helps participants become the leader their team need them to be. It teaches individuals how to connect with their people to encourage innovation and increase engagement.

It’s our belief, supported by hundreds of success stories, that emotional intelligence training creates real business breakthroughs that can lead to long term improvements in your workplace.

We’ve listed five key ways your business will notice the difference through our training.

Develop greater self-awareness

Forbes writes that 90% of top performers are considered to be self-aware. Emotional intelligence training allows people to understand themselves better as individuals and leaders. Your strengths can be realised and utilised, whilst weaknesses can be accepted and worked on. You’ll also explore how you communicate with peers and the effect that has on your business and staff. By having a deeper understanding of themselves, individuals can begin to establish action plans for improvement.

Individuals may themselves have questions such as “what kind of leader am I now?” and “what kind of leader do I want to be?”. This training gives them the tools to answer these questions and get them to work on being the leader they want to be.

Enhanced connection within your team

With a deeper understanding of your team, you can enhance the potential of your work together. A greater level of communication leads to more effective collaboration and organisation that will make big differences in the day-to-day and the future of your business.

Emotional intelligence training develops your ability to connect, communicate and motivate people who are similar to your leaders, as well as those who are different.

A more inclusive working environment is only ever going to be a positive thing. Enhanced empathy and understanding of your staff will create a more comfortable environment that allows individuals to flourish and teams to succeed.

Create high performing, authentic cultures

If your employees feel empowered, there’s nothing they can’t achieve. This is a fundamental principle of emotional intelligence training. Creating a team that has the desire to achieve individually, for the benefit of their whole team, is vital for success.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their workplace. If they are able to bring their whole, authentic selves to work every day, your people will work more efficiently and provide positivity and a work environment that everyone will thrive in.

Creating a positive impact – internally and externally

The way one staff member behaves when they walk into the office can impact the entire team due to emotional contagion. If they’re a leader, it can often cause issues that last longer than a day.

Emotional intelligence training helps you understand and regulate emotions, using emotional reasoning. This allows you to make expansive business decisions, build trust, improve clarity in communications and empower your team.

When implemented successfully, your team will be inspired and motivated like never before. With a renewed drive towards success, you’ll be able to grow and reach new heights together.

Externally, the communities that surround your organisation will also benefit from the growth and personal development of your team, as they communicate with your business.

Boosting resilience and wellbeing

Understanding ourselves and our triggers are vital for boosting our resilience and overall wellbeing. Emotional intelligence training provides techniques for managing stress and bouncing back from some of the issues that often hold us back.

You’ll learn how to understand and manage your moods, emotions, stress and workloads. This will lead to a more resilient workforce that supports one another through any potential difficult moments and, more crucially, has the tools to fix them.

By having a more resilient workforce, your employee retention and engagement will improve dramatically. Your clients will be more satisfied as they deal with staff in better frames of mind that are feeling positive every day they’re at work.

Why Pinpointing Potential are the people you need

There’s no limit to how beneficial emotional intelligence training will be for your business. Our people-focused approach creates real business breakthroughs that lead to long term improvements in engagement, productivity, teamwork, customer retention and leadership.

We have a commitment to creating bespoke training plans for our clients that make a difference. Want some proof? Read the success stories of our clients.

So – are you ready to level up your business with emotional intelligence training?

When you’re ready to think about new training for your team, we are here for you. Take the first step towards your next business breakthrough and call us today.

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