Watch EI for Sales Teams Webinar

According to Daniel Goleman “…top performing salespeople are 12 times more productive than those at the bottom, and 85% more productive than an average performer. About one-third of this difference is due to technical skill and cognitive ability, while two-thirds is due to emotional intelligence”. 

Today’s buyers make purchases based on emotion and justify their choice with logic. Buyers can conduct extensive research and ultimately have a choice to purchase many of the goods and services that they want to online, without any input from or interaction with a salesperson. Therefore, how can and do we differentiate ourselves and be successful at sales? It is the connection that you make, how you make them feel, understanding their problem and presenting them with a solution, how well you work through their objections and how confident you help make the customer feel that helps salespeople to make the sale. How well you deliver on your promises, maintain the relationship and help the buyer helps keep them loyal.

Emotional intelligence is the critical competency underpinning all of this.  

Last week, I had the pleasure collaborating with Jeremy Williams from Culture Scale to deliver a live webinar on how EI can boost sales teams’ performance, productivity and culture.

Watch the full webinar here: