Stress and colour

Work is overwhelmingly the most common cause of stress for British employees. Stress, anxiety and depression levels have soared under UK Covid-19 restrictions. On an individual basis, stress is a significant factor in mental health problems including anxiety and depression. It is also linked to physical health problems such as heart disease, immune and digestive system problems and insomnia. For our organisations, stress levels can have a significant impact on organisational productivity, profitability, engagement, retention and ultimately success.

Stress is not all bad, in fact, performance can peak under optimum levels of pressure as you will see from the Yerkes-Dodson human performance curve below. Our performance is lowest when we either have too much or too little pressure.  

Self-awareness can help with stress levels. When we are aware of the way that we feel and the impact that our feelings can have on our decisions, behaviour and performance, we are more aware of the triggers that cause stress, we can see stress coming and feel more in control of how we respond to situations that arise. We can also become more open to talking about stress and overwhelm.

Whilst stress-inducing events are out of our control, and causes of stress, stress signals and solutions to stress vary from person to person, by recognising stressors and signals in each colour energy, we can use solutions to help individuals and minimise the disruption to the organisation.

Causes of stress linked to colour:

By using Clarity4D, we can help to increase the self-awareness levels within your teams, enabling your people to be more aware of their stressors, how others perceive them when they are stressed, the impact that stress has on them and those around and gives people the tools to manage their own and others’ stress-responses more effectively and more collaboratively. Contact us to learn more.