Make work better

Investors in People:

  • Assessed organisations for 28 years
  • Made work better for over 11 million people
  • Can now be found in 66 countries around the world
  • Keep none of the profits and invest into the community

Your people are your most valuable commodity. Central to the success of any organisation is the right blend of talent, motivation and leadership.

And for this reason, investing in your people is not only the right thing to do, it’s proven to be essential in delivering sustainable results, especially in a crisis. Organisations that lead, support and develop their workforce effectively are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable.

The purpose at Investors in People is to Make work better. The We invest in people accreditation has been developed and refined over nearly 30 years to help companies, leaders and employees work together to create better, more productive workplaces.

I am delighted to have recently completed the training to become an Investors In People (IIP) Practitioner. I have been passionate about Investors In People since we started the accreditation process at SteppingStones Recruitment over 5 years ago. During this journey we were able to see first hand the significant impact and influence that going through the accreditation process had on our organisation and our people within it. We were delighted to be accredited as a Platinum Investors In People employer and then rewarded with the Investors In People Platinum Employer of the Year Award in November 2019.

Since that date, I knew that I wanted to help many more organisations to achieve exceptional things through their people, and to make work better through Investors In People. I realised that the way to do that was to complete the training and to share my knowledge, skills and experiences and I am delighted today to be able to do so.

We start by assessing how well your organisation is doing against the We Invest In People framework and we can start advising you on how you can improve over time. The model measures how well you’re doing at leading and supporting your people, compared to other companies in your industry, or of your size.

To learn more about becoming an Investors In People accredited organisation, contact us today.