Empathy – The ability to walk in someone else’s shoes

96% of employees consider it important for employers to demonstrate empathy. However, an overwhelming 92% believe this trait is overlooked.

These stats, taken from a 2018 State of the Workplace Empathy Study, are pretty shocking aren’t they?

When empathy is shown in the workplace, employee engagement and performance is impacted positively. It is also easier to acquire and retain talent and to increase innovation. In fact, a study by Harvard Business Review found that empathetic companies outperform others by 20%.

Do you know how you show up in the workplace and to all those around you? Do you take the time to really know the people that you are surrounding yourself with? Do you try to see things from your colleagues’, clients’ or employees’ perspectives? Being able to relate on a personal level leads to more effective communication, greater motivation and engagement and ultimately, a more successful business.

It is very easy for stress, distractions and deadlines to impact how we show up to those around us, both inside and outside the workplace, however working on developing emotional intelligence will help. When we demonstrate emotional intelligence, empathy and true compassion, we make the strongest and most loyal connections.

“In leadership, developing emotional intelligence makes a big difference to the impact we have on others – how we motivate, inspire and develop the talents of those we lead.”
Dr. Ben Palmer, CEO Genos International