Emotional Intelligence Training: What exactly IS it?

Emotional intelligence training has the power to positively change your mindset, your people and your business. Using advanced research, neuroscience, and practical exercises, your business stands to gain from partnering with an emotional intelligence training provider.

That’s where we come in. But what exactly do our training courses consist of?

We’ve laid out the core elements of our training below, offering you just a glimpse of what your business can expect when you work with our wonderful team.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Our Genos International Emotional Intelligence assessments provide your team with the capacity to understand your emotions better and become aware of how they impact your behaviour and decision making, enhancing how your team connects, communicates and collaborates with each other.

All of our assessments include a 60 or 90-minute one-on-one debrief session during which we identify insights, actions and benefits. These assessments help form an action plan to enhance individual emotional intelligence, both inside the workplace and out.

“The Emotional Intelligence training course was a wonderful learning tool and I value and respect your knowledge and information. I really enjoyed this course and I can tell you were extremely passionate about sharing knowledge and additional supporting material after each module.”

Leading with emotional intelligence

Leaders aren’t born, but they can be created. We help harness the abilities of management teams and turn them from managers to effective leaders. A virtual instructor-led program, our leadership learning journey will help enhance demonstrated emotionally intelligent leadership behaviours.

Spread over six interactive, impactful sessions, attendees will explore methods to improve their communication and influence on others. This enhances leadership ability, personal relationships and the wellbeing of the individual and those around them. Genos International Emotional Intelligence training delivers tangible results that have the capability to change teams and businesses the world over.

“Through virtually attending the Leading with Emotional Intelligence course, I have had the opportunity for self-reflection, group interaction, and a much deeper understanding of the impact of emotional humility both in the workplace and in my personal life. I genuinely cannot recommend this course highly enough for anyone looking to take their leadership skills to the next level.”

Applied Emotional Intelligence

Utilising our experience with emotional intelligence and social neuroscience, our Applied Emotional Intelligence training is a powerful, interactive learning program that will boost the skills of your team for 2022 and far beyond.

Over six 90-minute virtual learning modules, you’ll learn how to explore emotional intelligence, learn new techniques and, most importantly, how to apply them within your business. The course contains professionally facilitated modules that include breakout room activities, group discussions, polls and chat. You’ll use a digital workbook to capture insights and ensure you’re making the most of the training.

“This program is a must-do for employees at all levels. I found myself looking forward to the sessions and although I consider myself shy, it was so easy to interact and I almost felt like I was missing out if I didn’t. This programme is incredibly interesting and the knowledge I gained is phenomenally beneficial.”

Science of Wellbeing

Every individual’s well-being has to be nurtured differently. Fortunately, our training allows you to understand the science of well-being and apply techniques that will change the way you work and live.

Understanding emotions helps us analyse our well-being. Exploring the science behind creating and implementing more positive habits, this course is the key to higher productivity, happiness and success. You can use our strategies to set yourself a path towards the maintenance of your wellbeing or improvement of it, where required.

“The content is extensive, interesting and relevant and Ciara is passionate, energetic and knowledgeable. She delivers every single module with boundless energy and enthusiasm and I leave every time motivated, inspired and wanting to learn more.”

Why use Pinpointing Potential?

The benefits of emotional intelligence training for your business will be huge. We are people-orientated experts who tailor every program to your individual needs, ensuring your team gets the most out of our training.

You can implement business decisions that lead to long term improvements for your staff’s engagement, teamwork, productivity and leadership qualities. Plus your clients will love the new impetus your team present, leading to increased sales and better retention rates.

We have a commitment to creating bespoke training plans for our clients that make a difference. Read the success stories of our clients.

Want to start your emotional intelligence training?

Thinking about a new training program for your team? It can be difficult to know who to choose. We believe we are the perfect choice to help foment your next business breakthrough. If you’re ready, call us today.

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