How Emotional Intelligence Training Can Help You Achieve A Growth Mindset

The success of your business can be measured in many ways. But often we will look to our finances to discover how much we are growing. The more work we deliver, and the more clients we keep happy, the more we earn as a result.

However, measuring the potential of your business and your team is a different matter. There is a multitude of factors that affect how your team progresses and whether they are destined for a higher level of success.

You’ve probably heard of fixed and growth mindsets. They give employers a clue into discovering how far their staff may be able to go and how integral a role they can play in the progression of their business.

Emotional intelligence training can unlock new potential and present a path towards a growth mindset for individuals within your business.

What is a growth mindset?

The growth mindset is an internal belief that your talents can be developed and nurtured through hard work, commitment and assistance from others. This differs from a fixed mindset, where people believe they are either ‘born with or without’ certain potential.

They are often seen as essential for success. When employed throughout organisations, it leads to higher employee engagement, retention, innovation and collaboration.

What can a growth mindset achieve?

Those with a growth mindset are capable of higher levels of achievement than their peers. People who believe in their potential are inclined to put in extra time and effort to gain better results for themselves and those around them. This is a highly valuable asset for most businesses.

It offers more confidence in one’s ability, paving the way for innovations and smarter thinking. Determined individuals will continue to grow through a commitment to developing themselves.

Many people are born with fixed mindsets. But – that’s not to say that’s a done deal. With the right support, your team can develop and grow. Emotional intelligence training helps people understand their emotions, and current mindset and chart a course towards the mindset they want.

What is emotional intelligence training?

Based on emotional intelligence and social neuroscience, training programmes are designed to elevate an individual’s understanding of their own emotions and those of others.

This often allows for better communication and more honest and open relationships in the workplace, reducing the chance of conflict within your team.

Emotional intelligence training has the capacity to transform your mentality, your team, and your company for the better. With emotionally intelligent staff, you can have a workforce that is respectful and tolerant of others’ emotions. This extends well beyond the workplace and guarantees even better customer service for your clients too.

How are the two connected?

Using emotional intelligence training, people often understand their decision making and emotional responses more clearly. This means, with the right support, you can lay the groundwork for an improvement in your decision-making processes and how you emotionally react to events around you. Therefore, it puts a growth mindset within your reach.

If you’re looking to transition to a growth mindset, it’s important to understand how you can achieve it. With our help, it’s simple. You’ll understand how to persist through perceived adversity and work towards self-betterment at a pace that suits you.

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